The FCCM Adult Ministry is designed to minister to adults who are culturally considered seniors – specifically those seniors of the church and the community. The purpose of the church is to Go and Make Disciples. This never stops in our journey of life. Even as seniors we strive to take as many  people as possible with us to heaven whether that be our children, grandchildren, friends, or loved ones.  Because we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind, we will seek ways to serve God and one another in all three areas.There are so many activities and acts of kindness that seniors can do  for one another and other age groups within the church and the community. The Adult Ministry will provide such an opportunity. This can be accomplished by teaching the word through  Bible studies, encouraging fellowship through interactive activities and helping to minister to one another through service projects. Seniors have much to give to FCCM and the community.